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Taking control of your accounting obligations, both at home and overseas, requires access to experienced accountants.

Our local, in-country, accounting teams are dedicated to helping you comply with local reporting requirements. We also offer a wide range of accounting related services to help improve your international operations.

IAG Group, with over 800 experts in more than 70 countries, is able to act as an extension to your finance department; helping you to stay on top of the reporting and regulation risks often presented by international trade.

Reporting Services

We can help your entities become and remain compliant with international accounting laws and policies.

Legislation and regulations can differ hugely across borders. Using our in-country experts, you can stay on top of regulatory changes through having access to a team of qualified accountants who strive to understand your business.

We have a unique business model that allows us to respond to your needs. Because we are wholly owned and on-location, we can meet both your domestic requirements and offer central co-ordination across all your locations. This removes the requirement of managing multiple teams or a variety of 3rd party suppliers - allowing you to enter new markets, scale up (or down) and drive cost reductions and transparency in a controlled, rapid way.

Our local reporting systems combined with our talented local teams allow for:

  • Preparation of reports in local GAAP and IFRS/US GAAP.
  • Creation and submission of annual financial statements.
  • Support of global audits.
  • Tailored management reports.
  • Consolidated reporting at the required frequency with accompanying reconciliation between statutory and management reports.

Accounts Receivable Services

We can help control your operational risk, making sure you to stay compliant with local regulations surrounding invoicing and receivables.

  • Our local teams give you visibility of in-country laws and methodologies that can differ hugely to your primary business location’s domestic rules.
  • We provide a localised system, making you compliant when issuing invoices and making sure your credit control functions to operate efficiently overseas.

Account Payable Services

We help control your costs, helping you to stay compliant with local regulations surrounding the payment of invoices.

  • Our local teams can assist with the arrangement and settlement of invoices.
  • Cash management – we can help you set up and run bank accounts local & international.
  • Payments – we can run local settlement of invoices in line with your corporate controls.

Accounting Services

We also offer a range of supporting services such as:

  • Staff placement – short or long term resource issues can be alleviated by utilising our global workforce.
  • M&A assistance – if you need back office support in a short time frame or more technical support long term, our experts and business model will help you achieve your strategy.
  • In-house training – we can help upskill your staff on local regulatory issues and any significant changes to the accounting landscape.
  • Ad-Hoc project support – we have experience in a board range of areas such as reorganising accounting systems, bank payment administration, expense reporting and establishing accounting control procedures.
  • Local expertise – direct access to qualified accountants around the globe to help in unfamiliar territories and unfamiliar situations.

Company Formation

Onshore, mid-shore and offshore

The formation of a company can be surprisingly complex, both at home and overseas. With no two markets the same, procedures, timelines, languages, costs and requirements can differ wildly - not only from country to country but also in different states and provinces.

IAG  Group, with over 6,500 experts in more than 80 countries, is the world’s leading expert in company formations. We offer a full spectrum of company formation services and are seasoned experts in incorporating companies in over 80 countries (all major onshore, mid-shore and offshore jurisdictions).

The complexities of setting up an entity can vary considerably country by country, state by state, and province by province. Each has its own procedures, bureaucracy and mandatory processes that determine set-up timelines and how fast a company can legally commence business.

For example, the entity type may not be applicable for its purpose according to local regulations, the timelines to obtain tax numbers may be too tight and local authorities may demand more forms to be written in hand and submitted in person. Very soon what was supposed to be the start of an exciting period of growth suddenly becomes a time consuming journey overwhelmed with unexpected paperwork.

Our local offices are staffed by experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals with several decades’ worth of experience in incorporation. Our experts not only speak the local language but have detailed knowledge of their jurisdiction (its laws, customs and culture) with regular, direct contact with the local authorities in every country we operate in, so we are on top of changes as, and when, they happen. We are able to offer fixed fee and single currency invoicing if preferred and we are compliant with all international and local tax regulations supported by robust Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes.

Your official company address abroad

IAG Group can help you establish a registered office to be the official address of your incorporated company, association or other legal entity and can also help you find an appropriate physical premise via our global office service.

IAG Group, with over 6,500 experts in more than 80 countries, has over 25 years’ experience in offering registered office address and mail handling services. Our local teams of lawyers, company secretaries and paralegals work with clients and intermediaries across the world to ensure companies have an official address abroad.

Registered Office Address

This service is aimed at multinational companies that require an address abroad without setting up a physical office themselves. IAG Group provides the official address of international entities in addition to other available corporate secretarial services as detailed below.

Mail handling Services

Investec Accounting  Group can be assigned to open and scan all mail received by international entities and forward a soft copy of the relevant documents to a designated company contact.

A Range of Corporate Secretarial Services

Our services include:

  • Directorships and officer services
  • International Entity Management - Stay compliant across multiple jurisdictions through a single point of coordination and a dedicated service delivery manager.
  • International Corporate Entity Report - Get a snapshot of public information held on your company in any of the countries in which you operate.
  • International Corporate Entity Healthcheck Report - Identify areas of non-compliance, including legal registration and incorporation details, full company name, registered office address, current directors, shareholders, share capital, verification of minutes and statutory filings made (including submission of financial accounts).
  • Registered Agent / Process Agent - A standardised global solution for your process agent service needs.
  • Registered offices - Establish a registered office to be the official address of your incorporated company, association or other legal entity. TMF Group may also help you find appropriate physical premises for your offices via our office brokerage service, available globally.
  • International Corporate Structuring
  • Common Reporting Standards
  • Loan agent and administration services
  • SPV management services
  • KYC Services
  • BEPS
  • QuickStart: to Market Entry
  • QuickStart: to Simplicity

Nevis Nominees can act as your Nominee director
We operate  in the following jurisdictions

Bahamas-Barbados-BVI-Cayman Islands-Dubai-Guernsey-Hong Kong-IOM-Jersey-Liechtenstein-Luxembourg
New Zealand-Panama-Seychelles-Singapore-Switzerland-USA

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has an ideal international business climate, with a long tradition of political and social stability, a highly-skilled workforce and an elaborate network of investment treaties. Add to this an excellent infrastructure that includes Europe’s largest port in Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and it is unsurprising that the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most popular locations for corporate structures, headquarters, logistics hubs and other operations.

Intertrust is the leading provider of trust and corporate services in The Netherlands. From our offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam a highly skilled and motivated workforce of over 450 professionals serve multinationals, financial institutions, alternative investment funds (private equity and real estate) and business entrepreneurs from all over the world.


  • Formation & Implementation
  • Domiciliation & Management
  • Legal Administration
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Escrow
  • Capital Markets
  • Securitisation and Structured Finance
  • Funds
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Compliance and Regulatory Services (FATCA, AIFMD Depositary Services)
  • Treasury Management
  • Global Business Solutions: Starting your business operations in the Netherlands


  • AIFMD Depositary Services
  • Real Estate Solutions
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Global Business Solutions
  • IFRS & Consolidation Services

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